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AD7Pro Inc consultancy is a premier consulting firm, offering expert guidance and business solutions to help clients reach their full potential. Specialized in the world of Information Technology, AD7Pro Inc provides clients with technology solutions to help them achieve their business goals. As a leader in the fields of employment recruiting, IT consulting, payroll processing, certification training, and off-shore outsourcing, we seek to find the perfect match for your employee needs or your job-seeking endeavor every time.  You can trust us to help you lead the way by providing you with one of your most important assets in life – a perfect match in your career search! Our IT training programs assists both the employee as well as our business clients by ensuring that there is no shortage of employees with the skills and education that the IT world needs. We also assist new talent to seek their career internationally through admissions in Canadian colleges and Universities . We adhere to the “PRO” philosophy, which entails sharing our customers’ vision and helping them to successfully enter their desired careers.

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We are in the business of providing you with the best business solutions that are the ideal fit for your company. We will start you on your journey to a better employment future or faithful employees that know that there is no “I” in the team! We are here to help you create a harmonious relationship that benefits all parties involved!